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A new book claims Prince Harry declined a meeting with Prince William

A new book claims Prince Harry declined a meeting with Prince William

A new royal book says that the Duke of Sussex turned down a meeting with the Prince of Wales after they talked about their disagreement on TV. 
In November 2019, Prince Harry said that he and Prince William were “on different paths” in the ITV documentary “Harry and Meghan: An African Journey.” In the Daily Mail on Sunday, an excerpt from Valentine Low’s book “Courtiers” says that Prince William asked for a crisis meeting with his brother. 

In the documentary, Harry said, “Part of this role and this job is that this family is under so much pressure that things are bound to happen.” 

But, he said, “Look, we’re brothers, and we always will be.” We’re going in different directions right now, but I’ll always be there for him, and I know he’ll do the same for me. 

The Times of London website says that Valentine Low is a “royal correspondent” who has been writing about the royal family since 2008. As part of his job, he has traveled abroad with the Queen, the Prince and Princess of Wales, and other royal family members. 

Low’s book, which comes out in the UK on Thursday, says that the day after the documentary aired, William used WhatsApp to message Harry and ask for a meeting. 

“Harry and Meghan were really surprised by this. What should they do? ” Low also wrote that at first, Harry was in favor of the meeting, but he changed his mind when he found out that William would have to tell his private secretary to clear his schedule. 

Low wrote that William’s team would tell the press about the visit, so he didn’t want to see his brother rather than risk the news getting out. “Everyone who knew what was going on thought this was very sad,” Low wrote. It shows how dysfunctional many royal relationships are and how rarely members of the Royal Family talk to each other directly on the phone. Instead, they talk about the things around them. He said, “And the result is mistrust and division.” 

Low also says that William and Kate Middleton’s team thought that Harry and Meghan were trying to take attention away from their trip to Pakistan, which was happening at the same time as the release of their documentary. 

The people who work for William and Kate didn’t like it, and they thought it was a plan to get them out of the news.” Things between the two families got very tense, “Low wrote. 

The Duke of Sussex and the Prince of Wales were asked for their thoughts, but they didn’t answer right away.


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