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Apple says chamber thermal tech for:

Apple says chamber thermal tech for:

In a report released on Friday, well-known TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that recent industry surveys show that Apple is “aggressively” testing vapor chamber thermal systems for use in the iPhone. This implies that the technology will be used in the flagship phone soon.

Kuo thinks it’s very likely that Apple will use vapor chamber technology in an upcoming iPhone model, but it’s not clear if the system will be ready by 2021.

In general, vapor chamber (VC) technology involves the evaporation of a liquid (usually water) inside a special heat pipe or heat retention structure that snakes through a device’s chassis. The heat from processors and other high-load electronic parts makes the liquid evaporate into a vapor. As the vapor moves to areas with lower pressure, it spreads heat energy through the evaporation chamber. The heat is taken away from the vapor by fins or other condenser bodies. The vapor then turns back into a liquid and is carried back to places with high pressure by capillary action.

Apple says chamber thermal tech for:

Apple is said to have been working on VC systems for a while, but early solutions haven’t met the company’s high standards.

“The main reason the iPhone won’t use VC is that its reliability test results don’t meet Apple’s high standards,” Kuo writes. “Still, we are optimistic about the schedule for making VC more reliable, and we expect that at least high-end iPhone models will have VC soon.”

Kuo thinks that the iPhone will need VC to keep up with the fast spread of 5G and the ever-growing thermal loads on the CPU. When connected to the ultra-fast 5G network, Apple’s iPhone 12 series, which is the first iPhone to support 5G communications, is known to get hot. With a better thermal system, the tech giant will be able to speed up computing and make parts last longer, keeping it ahead of the smartphone pack.


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