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Bayonetta 3's original voice actor requests a boycott.

Bayonetta 3’s original voice actor requests a boycott.

Bayonetta’s voice actress said that the amount she was offered to voice Bayonetta 3 was shockingly low, and she is now asking Nintendo fans to not buy the game.

Since it was announced earlier this year, Bayonetta 3 has been one of the most anticipated games for the Nintendo Switch. Fans have been eagerly waiting for the Umbra Witch to come back because the game has so much action and the main character is hot and strong. But now, the person who voices Hellena Taylor is asking fans to wait to buy the game.

Taylor says that she was offered a very small sum to voice the character, which made her criticize PlatinumGames and Nintendo on social media. Taylor asked Nintendo fans on Twitter today to not buy Bayonetta 3 because it was made by Nintendo.

Bayonetta voice actor reveals incredibly low offer for voicing Bayonetta 3

The talented voice actress said that she was only offered $4,000 to voice the whole game, even though the games alone made $450 million for the franchise.

They thought I was worth what? What did they say they would give me? The last offer to do the whole game for a flat fee of $4,000 was the best. Taylor said, “This is an insult to me, the time I spent working on my talent, and everything I’ve given to this game and the fans.”

Taylor was sad and even thought about killing herself because the offer was so low. She was afraid she would be “on the streets.” She said that she doesn’t even have enough money to keep her car running.

Taylor spent more than seven years learning how to be a professional voice actor. She has been the voice of a famous character in past games, and people love her for it. Now, Taylor is asking fans to skip the game to “stand up in solidarity with people all over the world” who don’t get paid for their talents. Even though Taylor isn’t usually a “fighter,” she wants everyone who cares about people to fight against Nintendo by hitting them in the wallet.

“I didn’t ask for too much and didn’t want too much. I just wanted a fair wage that would allow me to live. Even though what they did was legal, it wasn’t right, “Taylor said.

Most people in the gaming world were as shocked as Taylor. Many people said that Nintendo’s pay was insultingly low. Others said that the gaming industry as a whole has been unfair to voice actors and other artists and hasn’t paid them enough.

So far, neither PlatinumGames nor Nintendo has responded to the outrage of the gaming community or to Taylor’s claims.

“Bayonetta always stands up for those with less power and for what is right. “You’re standing with her by doing this,” Taylor said.


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