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Billy Eichner ripped on Twitter for fuming at 'straight people' not coming to see 'Bros'

Billy Eichner railed on Twitter about straight people not seeing ‘Bros’

On Twitter, Billy Eichner was made fun of when he said that “straight people” didn’t go see his movie and that “homophobes” should stay away.

“Bros,” which was made by Judd Apatow and starred the comedian, was a flop at the box office. The Hollywood Reporter says that the movie cost $22 million to make but only made $4.8 million in its first weekend.

Before the movie came out, the actor talked about how well it was getting reviewed and made fun of people who hadn’t seen it. “Sorry, homophobes!” he wrote on Twitter more than once. When “Bros” came out, he told “homophobes” again not to see it.

Tonight, everyone who isn’t a weird homophobe should go see BROS. You’ll have a great time! And seeing this story on a big screen is special and powerful, especially for queer people who don’t get this chance very often. I really like this movie a lot. GO, BROS!!! ” He sent out a tweet.

Several people on Twitter made fun of the actor for scaring people away and then being upset when they didn’t go see the movie.

Noam Blum, who works for Tablet Magazine, sent out a sarcastic tweet. “HAHA SUCK IT HOMOPHOBES!” he wrote, adding, “WTF didn’t the homophobes see my movie?” Wait. What film? What do they have against us now?’

Rob Smith, who started the Douglass Society and is now its president, said on Twitter that this was an example of “Hollywood victim liberalism.”

Billy Eichner made a big deal about ‘Bros’ having an all-LGBT cast, made fun of straight people in the trailer, and is now complaining that it didn’t do well because it was “homophobic.” “Straights didn’t see it. “Liberalism typical of Hollywood victims,” he said.

Conservatives were not the only ones who laughed at Eichner’s bad take. Ernest Owens, who was editor-at-large for Philadelphia magazine, wrote, “As a black gay man, I can tell you why I didn’t go see it in the theatre: Billy Eichner is as annoying and corny as hell.”


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