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Brad Pitt Is 'Having Fun' with Newly Single Emily Ratajkowski Source

Brad Pitt Is Having Fun with Newly Single Emily Ratajkowski

A source from the entertainment industry tells the new issue of People that Brad Pitt is “having fun” getting to know model and actress Emily Ratajkowski. 

People have said that the 58-year-old Oscar-winning star of “Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood” and Ratajkowski, who is 31, have been hanging out together in recent weeks. Now, a number of people who know more about casual relationships are talking about them.

A person close to Ratajkowski says that she is not looking for a serious relationship right away after splitting up with her husband of four years, Uncut Gems producer Sebastian Bear-McLard, in July. She asked for a breakup in September.

A source says, “The breakup was very hard on her.” “It was terrible and shocking.” People who know her well say that’s why her relationship with Pitt, whom she met through friends, is so cute right now. Right now, things couldn’t be better. “Nothing can make you feel better like Brad Pitt,” says the source. “She wants to get to know him better.”

Each side has the same opinion. A film source says Ratajkowski Brad is happy with how it feels. She is smart and has a good way with words. Someone in the know says that she loves art, just like Pitt.

In September, Pitt showed his first collection of sculptures at a group show in Finland. In 2021, Ratajkowski sold a picture of herself at an auction put on by Christie’s for $175,000.

A Pitt source says “They always have a great time together and have a lot to talk about.” They like each other, but nothing serious is going on between them. They’ve been on a few dates and stay in touch when they’re not together.

A source in the business says that Pitt is not looking for “a long-term committed relationship,” just like Ratajkowski and Bear-McLard, with whom she has a 19-month-old son named Sebastian. He has six kids with his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie. Pax is 18, Zahara is 17, Shiloh is 16, and the twins Vivienne and Knox are 14.

Even though he was still in court with his ex, someone close to the actor told People that he was “living his best life.”
 When everyone is in Los Angeles, Brad has dinner with his younger kids. The kids have their own friends and lives now that they are older. Brad still gets along with them pretty well. The source said that in July.


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