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Brad Pitt said George Clooney was one of the'most handsome' men.

Brad Pitt said George Clooney was one of the’most handsome’ men.

Recently, Brad Pitt said that his friend George Clooney is one of the best-looking men in Hollywood.George Clooney doesn’t mind talking about how handsome he is.The 61-year-old actor recently replied to his friend Brad Pitt, who said that he was one of the most handsome men in the world. The actor doesn’t seem to disagree with Pitt’s opinion.

“That’s right, he’s right. Let’s face it. “He’s right,” Clooney said honestly while on CBS This Morning with his wife, Amal Clooney. “He’s not modest,” Amal Clooney said of her husband. “The Tender Bar director then made a joke about Pitt, saying, “I think the truth is that the first time he answered, he said himself.”

Brad Pitt said, George Clooney

“Maybe you shouldn’t say that,” they said. “Take another shot.”Pitt stated this in an interview with Vogue when asked to name the most attractive men in history and today.If I had to name someone here, I’d have to say that George Clooney the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star joked earlier this month. “I mean, why not?”

After that, he said, “Because I usually beat him and he usually beats me, but this time I’m going to do the opposite. Just this once, “he said, adding,” George, that’s for you.”

Later, Clooney called Pitt a “good friend” on The Late Show. He said, “Well, I do have some things to say about him, and they will include the word since he called me that.” 
“I’d say I think I’m the most handsome man in the world, too,” he joked.

The two actors have been friends for a long time, and they are one of Hollywood’s favorite teams. They have worked together in several movies, such as Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002), Burn After Reading (2008), and the Ocean’s Eleven series.People said that they are also working together on a new thriller for Apple that Clooney has already said he is “looking forward to.”


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