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Caroline Polachek's "Sunset" Video Cruises Barcelona

Caroline Polachek’s “Sunset” Video Cruises Barcelona

Caroline Polachek’s new “Sunset” video shows her cruising through Barcelona.

After the critical success of “Billions,” Caroline Polachek is back with a new song called “Sunset.” It comes with a video of a rocky beach town in Barcelona, and it was produced by Sega Bodega. The song combines Polachek’s signature otherworldly vocals with Balearic beats, hand claps, and nimble guitar strings.

The song is short and tells a story about love that is bold and not afraid of anything. The video made by Matt Copson and Polachek looks like a collage that follows the singer as she drives around town, plays with kittens in the streets, and draws while sitting on a rooftop in the sun.

There’s even a tribute to her old work, with close-ups of Polachek cut together with signs that play on the name of her song “Bunny Is a Rider”: “Bunny Is a Driver” and “How does it feel to be so RICH?” (a statement she made when “Billions” came out for the first time).

Her collaboration with the 12 Ensemble Orchestra, composer Oliver Leith, and Danny L. Harle resulted in the release of a new song. Polachek played at Lollapalooza this summer. Earlier in the year, he worked with Flume on the song “Sirens.”

In 2019, she released Pang, which was also her first album as a solo artist.


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