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Charles, Camilla, William, and Kate Share New Photo Before Queen's Funeral

Charles, Camilla, William, and Kate Share New Photo Before Queen’s Funeral

After Queen Elizabeth II died on Sept. 8, each of the four royals got a new title.

On Saturday, the British royal family showed off a new picture of King Charles III, The Queen Consort, The Prince and Princess of Wales, and The Prince and Princess of Wales.

The new picture was taken at Buckingham Palace the night before Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral on September 18. It shows the four royals standing together in all-black mourning clothes. The picture was taken on the night they held a reception at Buckingham Palace for world leaders who had come to London for the funeral.

Charles, who is 73 years old, was officially named the king of the United Kingdom on September 10. In the State Apartments of St. James’s Palace in London, the Accession Council gave King Charles his official title during the ceremony that was shown on TV.

The proclamation was read to the Privy Council, which is made up of senior Cabinet ministers, judges, and leaders of the Church of England. Prince William and Queen Camilla were there to see it for the first time as Prince and Princess of Wales. The clerk to the council read, “The crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland belongs only and rightfully to Prince Charles Philip Arthur George.”

“We… do now with one voice and agreement of tongue and heart, publish and proclaim that Prince Charles Philip Arthur George is now our only lawful and rightful liege lord, Charles III, due to the death of our late Sovereign of happy memory.”

Last month, a touching portrait of the new king was released. It showed him working hard in Buckingham Palace with the famous red box of papers that needed his attention on September 11, just three days after Queen Elizabeth died.

In a scene often associated with Queen Elizabeth, King Charles sat at a desk and took care of the daily delivery of papers from leaders around the U.K., Commonwealth, and the world.

Behind Charles was a picture of his late parents, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, in black and white. It was given to her father, King George VI, by the couple for Christmas in 1951. This was the last Christmas before he died in February 1952.

Also, King Charles III made William and Kate, who are both 40, Prince and Princess of Wales just one day after the Queen died on September 8. In keeping with their new titles, the couple went to Wales as soon as they could, just a day after the royal period of mourning ended.

It was a very meaningful trip. People who know the couple have said that the time they spent there at the beginning of their marriage was similar to the time Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip spent in Malta.

People who know William and Kate will also say that Wales has a special place in their hearts. This is because it was where they lived when Prince George was born and where they chose to take George and Princess Charlotte to celebrate the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee this past weekend.

They started their trip in Anglesey, in the northwest of Wales, where they lived as newlyweds in 2010 and as new parents after Prince George was born, while William worked as a search and rescue helicopter pilot for the Royal Air Force.

During their trips, they had no plans for a big investiture like the one William’s father Charles had in July 1969. The royal couple would rather keep getting closer to the Welsh people and represent and celebrate the modern nation of Wales. They also want to go back to Wales before the year ends.

The Prince and Princess of Wales’s last official trip to the country were in June, during Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee weekend, which celebrated her historic 70 years on the throne. They went to Cardiff, and their oldest children, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte came with them.

George felt especially sad because he was going to take over as Prince of Wales after his father. Prince William took his first official trip to Wales when he was about the same age.

In March 1991, Prince William went to Cardiff to be with his parents, Princess Diana and Charles. As the young prince went on a walkabout in front of Llandaff Cathedral, people gave him daffodils, which are the national flower of Wales.


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