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Cop shoots man in wheelchair tucson

Cop shoots man in wheelchair Tucson Reddit

The shooting was caught on camera by Remington’s body camera. Authorities said Tuesday that a Tucson police officer was fired because he was accused of shooting a man in a wheelchair nine times, killing him, after the man pulled out a knife when he was being accused of shoplifting. Police said at a news conference that Officer Ryan Remington was fired because he used too much force.

Richard Lee Richards, 61, died at the scene, according to the authorities, and Remington’s body camera caught the shooting. Remington’s actions “deeply disturbed and troubled” Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus, and the case is being looked into by the Pima County Attorney’s Office. Magnus said, “His use of deadly force in this situation goes against many parts of our training and use of force and is a clear violation of department policy.”

Cop shoots man in wheelchair tucson

Officer Remington thinks that what he did was right, according to Remington’s lawyer in Tucson, Mike Storie. Magnus said that Remington, who had been in the army for four years, was at the Midvale Park Shopping Center Walmart on Monday night on a “special duty assignment,” which was basically a security detail.

A Walmart worker in charge of stopping theft told Remington that a man in a motorised wheelchair had stolen a toolbox from the store. Police say that Remington and the store employee followed the customer outside and asked for a receipt. Richards is said to have said, “Here’s my receipt,” pulled out a knife, and then kept walking towards a nearby home improvement store.

Remington reportedly told Richards to put down the knife and not go into the store, but the suspect didn’t listen. After falling out of his wheelchair, Richards was shot and killed.


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