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Dan Levy to direct, star in 'Good Grief' movie for Netflix

Dan Levy to direct, star in ‘Good Grief’ movie for Netflix

It has been announced that Dan Levy, co-creator of Schitt’s Creek and star of the show, will make his debut as a film director with Good Grief.

The recipient of an Emmy wrote the movie that will be available on Netflix. He will also star in it along with Ruth Negga, Himesh Patel, Luke Evans, Celia Imrie, Arnaud Valois, David Bradley, and Jamael Westman.

Levy’s Not A Real Production Company is also contributing to the production of the film in another capacity.

Dan Levy has signed on to direct and star in a movie for Netflix.

The protagonist of the narrative is a guy named Marc Dreyfus, who, following his mother’s and husband’s deaths, travels to Paris with two of his closest friends.

“Good Grief” is a cautionary tale about friendship and loss and all the mess that comes with it when the truth is something you’ve avoided for most of your life. The story is told from the perspective of someone who has avoided the truth for the majority of their life.

It’s humorous, it’s bittersweet, and it’s a project that has helped me deal with my own pain. I hope it does the same for other people as well because it has helped me, “according to a statement that Levy released on Monday.


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