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Drake Rodger plans to play Jeffrey Dean Morgan in Winchester

Drake Rodger: plans to play Jeffrey Dean Morgan in Winchester

Drake Rodger said that The Winchesters, which starts on The CW on Tuesday, has a plan for his character to become the one that Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays on Supernatural.

(Meg Donnelly)… John Winchester meets Mary Campbell, who is played by Rodger, who is 23. In the original show, they raised Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) Winchester as their own children.

Rodger told UPI over the phone, “We have a pretty clear plan in mind.” “Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the goal, and we’re going in that direction.”

When Supernatural started, Mary, played by Samantha Smith, was killed by the demon Azazel. This made John feel bad, but Rodger hasn’t reached that point yet.

Rodger said, “Jeffrey Dean Morgan has already done that version.” “It’s my job to put that version of John Winchester in as much of a bigger picture as I can.”

Rodger set his sights on the episode “Dead Man’s Blood” from Season 1 of Supernatural as his ultimate goal for who John would become. But he hopes it will take a long time for the Winchesters to get there.

Rodger said, “He talks about how, after Mary died, all he saw in the world was evil.” “You’re killing monsters, but at what point do you become a monster yourself?”

Rodger has not yet met Morgan. He said that he hopes for an introduction, even if they don’t talk about the supernatural character. Rodger said, “Honestly, I’d just love to be a fanboy and talk to him.” “But it’s even better if we can talk about the characters.”

The series started in 1972. When John comes home from the Vietnam War, he meets Mary. This is a scene that Sam and Dean Winchester saw in Supernatural.

Rodger said, “It’s very important to take your time and really understand what the canon says.” “How are we going to look at what was said? How can we do this in the most real way? “

Even though John and Mary’s meeting was already planned, Rodger said that the Winchesters gave him and Donnelly the freedom to make their own way.

Rodger said, “We play within the limits of what’s been set up, but we also have so much freedom to make things up.” “When you talk about something, it’s much less clear than when you see it.”

Mary is the one who tells John about hunting demons. The Winchesters also show how John’s relationship with his mother, Millie, is complicated (Bianca Kajlich).

Rodger said that including John’s mother kept the show’s theme of a family going. When Millie joins the hunt for demons, it adds another layer. Rodger said, “It also adds a whole new risk factor.” “If he keeps getting involved in the paranormal world, it puts her in danger, too.”

Before he got The Winchesters, Rodger had been acting professionally for six years and had lived in Los Angeles for three years. Before he moved to California, Rodgers was still living in the Midwest, where he was born.

Rodger said, “As far as I know, being a professional actor in Los Angeles mostly means waiting tables.” “I still had to work two more catering shifts after I booked the show.”

Rodger went to live in New Orleans with the Winchesters. Rodger said that most of the cast’s free time is spent training for the demon fights. Sometimes they all go to the French Quarter together.

Rodger said, “Shows like this are a marathon.” If you’re lucky, it could have 20 episodes or even more. It’s hard on the body, so I just try to stay in shape and move quickly.


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