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Eliza is 10 years old and is a mix of Guyanese, Turkish, and Surinamese. She is beautiful and interesting.

Eliza was born in Brooklyn, but she now lives in Queens and goes to school there. She loves to dance and is learning ballet, tap, hip-hop, and Bollywood dance.

Eliza started modeling in the fashion show portion of a beauty pageant when she was only six years old. This got her interested in and involved in pageants, and within a year she won the titles of American Nation East Coast Petite Princess, Little Miss New York American Beauty, and Photogenic Supreme.

Eliza’s recent accomplishments include winning Little Miss American Beauty in Florida; being named East Coast Child Actors’ Top Model; and, most notably, winning the Zoii award, which was her biggest accomplishment to date. She beat out 74 other kids to win the award, which was her biggest accomplishment to date.

Eliza has been on TV shows like “What Not to Wear,” “Team Umizoomi,” and “Top Kid Model.” She just finished filming “Lyrics to Life.”

Eliza has been a model in fashion shows like Fashion on the Hudson, the Golden Magazine fashion show, the Just 4 U Kid’s Expo, and John Ashford. She has also walked the runway at Plitz New York Fashion Week, Connecticut Fashion Week, and the Heartlands New Year’s Eve fashion show.

Eliza, who is only seven years old, is the youngest person to win the prestigious NYC fashion award. She has also been featured in several magazines, such as Fashion Ave News, Alize LaVie, and Big City Kids. Eliza has also been on the inside cover of Just Kids magazine and is the model of the month in Child Couture Magazine for the month of June 2013.

Eliza is very committed to giving back to her community, as shown by the fact that she gave toys to the children’s hospital and danced at a fundraiser for St. Jude’s.

Eliza also wants to use her platform to show girls that they are beautiful on the inside and to stop bullying. As someone who has been bullied, she wants to help kids realize that “never let anyone change who you are because who you are is beautiful.”

And most importantly, “never give up on your dreams because anything is possible.” (She is a great example of that, as we can see.)


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