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Elle Simone Scott's weight loss surgery after ovarian cancer

Elle Simone Scott’s weight loss surgery after ovarian cancer

Elle Simone Scott is a famous chef, food producer, test cook, and food stylist from the United States. The Shechem mentoring group was started by her. Simone grew up in a middle-class 7th-Day Adventist family in Detroit, Michigan.

Elle went to Eastern Michigan University for her education. Her first job cooking was in an Oak Park, Michigan, kosher bakery. Simone worked as a social worker in Detroit before she started cooking.

Simone has been a prep cook before. She went to school at New York’s Culinary Institute and now has a master’s degree in show business. Elle Simone Scott was told she had ovarian cancer in 2016. She was 40 years old at the time.

Elle Simone Scott’s weight loss surgery after ovarian cancer

Elle Simone Scott Underwent Weight Loss Surgery After Getting Diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer

In September 2018, she went on Facebook to talk about how to tell if you have ovarian cancer and what it feels like.

When her fans saw that she looked different on America’s Test Kitchen, they asked about her health and well-being. It had been clear for a while that her body was changing and that she had lost a lot of weight. But the chef wrote to her fans to let them know she was fine:

Back in 2016, Elle Simone Scott got some life-changing news soon after she moved to Boston to start her dream job as a food stylist and TV personality on America’s Test Kitchen.

The best time for each person to start a program to lose weight or focus on making healthier changes to their lifestyle is different.

For many people, getting a cancer diagnosis can make them think about their health beyond cancer, encourage them to eat better, and push them to get in better shape. For some people, talking about weight and exercise before or soon after recovery is just too much.

When many people are told they have cancer, they take charge of their health and learn about the disease, their treatment options, possible side effects, and how to live with them.

Elle Simone Scott did the same thing. When she was ready, she had bariatric surgery and changed what she ate and how much she worked out.

A Quick Look at Elle Simone Scott’s Career in the Kitchen

Elle Simone Scott was 28 when the Great Recession of 2008 hit. She lost her job as a social worker, her car, and her home.

She worked as a chef for a few years on a cruise ship. She moved to New York in 2009, worked at a shelter for women, and finished cooking school in 2010. Then she finished her internship at the Food Network. Later, she worked for Cabot Creamery and The Chew as a food stylist.

Elle Simone Scott’s weight loss surgery after ovarian cancer

Simone was the first African American woman to host the PBS show America’s Test Kitchen on a regular basis. She works for the show as a test cook and recipe stylist. She also makes videos for the online cooking school at Test Kitchen.

In 2018, she was on NBC’s The Hub Today. A year later, she hosted America’s Test Kitchen series, 28 Days of Edna, which was about Edna Lewis and ran for a month.

Simone is a member of the Board of Woman Chefs and Restaurateurs, and she speaks for them. She said that she wanted to be like Oprah but for food.

Elle also helps a lot of people in need. In 2013, she started an organization for women of color who work in the food industry called SheChef. As of November 2018, more than 1,000 people were a part of it.

Simone was moved to do humanitarian work when she found out that even though 90% of her classmates in culinary school were women or people of color, this group was not represented enough among chefs.


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