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Ex-Christine failed Kody Brown's COVID-19 test, so Ysabel won't miss him.

Ex-Christine failed Kody Brown’s COVID-19 test, so Ysabel won’t miss him.

On Sunday’s episode of “Sister Wives” on TLC, Kody Brown said that his daughter Ysabel would be “fine” without him during her senior year of high school, even though he was still fighting with his ex-wife Christine Brown about COVID-19 and going to her house. 

In different videos, they talked about an earlier video call where the Brown parents had to talk about whether or not their kids were going to school in person. Kody asked Robyn’s adopted teen daughter Breanna not to go back to school so that he could keep seeing her. He didn’t ask the same thing of his daughter Christine, Ysabel, who was 18 at the time and in her last year of high school. 

Ysabel wanted to go to school in person, and her father said that whether or not he came to see her depended on her “choice.” In an interview on Sunday’s episode, Kody said that Ysabel would “benefit more” from spending her last year of high school with her friends than with him. But she’ll be fine, he said. 

Christine wanted Kody to be with their daughter more. Their daughter had already told Kody that after she graduated from high school she wanted to go to college in North Carolina. ” I thought he’d call Ysabel and say, “Hey, for school, I’d rather you didn’t go back in person. Can we discuss this?” But he never even spoke to her, “she said in a one-on-one interview. 
In a confessional video, she talked about why Ysabel was having a hard time. Christine said, “She can’t have both her dad and her friends. She has to choose one or the other. ” ” I told her that wasn’t true and that it wasn’t up to her. This is what Kody is going to do. 

Then Kody said that Christine was to blame because she had said that he was “never there anyway.” 
He said, “I’m not to blame for this.” Don’t get mad at me for having rules. Because Christine was “traveling” during the COVID-19 pandemic, he didn’t mind Ysabel going back to school in person. She also told him she wanted to see her friends, he said. 

Later in the episode, Christine and Kody told three of Kody’s other wives, Meri, Janelle, and Robyn, that Christine had decided to leave the marriage. At some point, they started talking about Truly, their 12-year-old youngest daughter. Christine told everyone that “taking” Kody would be hard. 

“No, you can’t take her away from me,” Kody said. It will have to be 50/50, so we’ll have to share custody. ” 
Christine talked about how she felt about what Kody had said in a private interview. 

It’s funny that he wants to be in my kids’ lives now that I’m leaving. She said, “Now he wants to spend the same amount of time with both of them.” “He could have hung out with us every other day for the whole time we lived here. If he wanted 50/50, he should have been around more.


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