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Jason Bateman 'almost brought down' Michael Jackson in the 1980s.

Jason Bateman ‘almost brought down’ Michael Jackson in the 1980s.

Jason Bateman said that when he was a kid, he was riding his bike around Universal Studios and almost hit Michael Jackson.

The “Ozark” star told the story Friday when he was on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” During the interview, Kimmel named a bunch of 1980s celebrities and asked Bateman if he had ever met any of them. IMDb says that Bateman got his start in 1981 as a child actor in “Little House on the Prairie.”

When Kimmel mentioned Jackson, Bateman told him that he and fellow child star Ricky Schroder ran into the singer at Universal Studios, where they were filming the NBC sitcom “Silver Spoons.” “Kids gotta play,” the actor said, explaining why they brought their bikes to work.

Bateman said that Jackson was on set to see Schroder and gave the audience a strange look, which seemed to be a reference to the accusations of child sex abuse made against the singer. After the audience reacted to the story, Bateman said in a sarcastic way that Jackson was “a fan of the show and a fan of the Ricker.”

He said to wrap up, “He was walking onto the stage as we were running off, and, uh, we almost knocked him over.”

Bateman still talks to famous people on the podcast he hosts with Sean Hayes and Will Arnett called “SmartLess.” In February, David Letterman came to one of the actors’ live shows in New York, but Jason Bateman was sure that Letterman wouldn’t remember him from when he was on one of his talk shows.

[Letterman] says, “Wow, you really made an impression on that show.” So I was really happy that he remembered me, but he quickly brought me back to reality when he said, “Because you just won’t stop talking.”

The “Arrested Development” actor also said that he was “mortified” when Letterman told him that he talked so much that the show sometimes had to shorten the amount of time it spent on commercials.

They weren’t able to book a second room. “I was a guest with two rooms,” he said.


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