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Jessica Simpson's memoir adapted for Amazon

Jessica Simpson’s memoir adapted for Amazon

The memoir Open Book by Jessica Simpson has been changed for Amazon. Amazon Freevee has ordered a half-hour scripted pilot based on the singer’s book, Open Book.

Variety says that Katelyn Tarver plays Sadie Sparrow, a singer who is based on Simpson, in the pilot. Butch, an older musician who has to write songs for Sadie, will be played by John Stamos. Soon, they get closer to each other.

The logline says that the whole project will follow Sadie’s “mid-twenties rise from naive to mogul,” with themes like “love, friendship, divorce, family and sisterhood, relationships, soul connections, Hollywood, and the music business.”

Sadie will learn over the course of the story that “her heart will always want what it wants at every stage of life.”

Even though Sadie and Butch are fictional characters created by the pilot team for the small screen, their stories are said to be similar to what Simpson will write about in her book in 2020.

The book told us about the singer’s childhood in Texas in the 1980s, her first record deal, her marriage to Nick Lachey, her relationship with John Mayer, and more. It was first published by Dey Street Books.

The pilot was written by Tom Kapinos, who is also an executive producer, and directed by Adam Bernstein, who is also an executive producer on the project.

Open Book also has executive producers: Patrick Moran, Lauren Auslander, and Lacy Lynch.


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