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Johnny Depp resurfaces and looks unrecognizable in New York

Johnny Depp resurfaces and looks unrecognizable in New York

Depp was seen in New York looking very different from how he usually does.

Johnny Depp has been out of the public eye since the defamation trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard. He was last seen on Saturday in New York City, meeting fans and taking pictures with them while looking more like a clean-shaven rock star than his usual goat tee and mustache.

“Jack Sparrow” was meeting and greeting fans in Port Chester, New York, where he and his bandmate/friend Jeff Beck were going to perform. He was wearing reflective blue sunglasses and a baker-boy hat.

Sunglasses and baker boy hat

Johnny has been touring all over the world, and he and his band just got back from a tour in the UK. They went there right after Amber Heard’s defamation trial was over and stayed there for a while.

It was said of her that she was having a great time with her daughter, Oona Paige, and her girlfriend in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. In the meantime, she changed her name to Calamity Jane, which was the name of a person in US history who was known for killing whole tribes of Native Americans in the old west. People at the campfire say that Heard calls herself that because Depp is part Native American.

Calamity Jane and Amber Heard

Before this appearance, Depp was a guest at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. He wore a strange astronaut suit with a screen for a helmet and didn’t have his trademark mustache.

Depp’s personal life

In Depp’s personal life, it was said that he was dating attorney Camille Vasquez because they were seen laughing and having fun together. However, reporters say that he is actually dating Joelle Rich, who is also an attorney and who helped Depp in the trial against the UK news outlet “the Sun.”


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