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Jose Vitor Leme Net Worth 2022: Wiki, World Champion

Jose Vitor Leme Net Worth 2022: Wiki, World Champion

Who would have thought that a semi-professional soccer player who almost quit bull riding would win two PBR World Championships? Jose Vitor Leme is without a doubt one of the best riders in the history of western sports.

When the rodeo rider came to the United States for the first time in November 2017, it was the most memorable PBR Unleash The Beast debut in recent history. Just a few days later, he won the World Series by going 6-for-6 at the difficult, multi-day championship. Even though Leme is a well-known name in the rodeo world, many fans still want to know more about his personal life.

So, here is an article that tells you everything you need to know about Jose’s personal and professional life.

Jose Vitor Leme Net Worth 2022 Wiki, World Champion

When he was young, his parents split up.

The cowboy was born in Ribas do Rio Pardo, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, on August 15, 1996. His mother, Silvia Pereira Leme, and his father, Jose Antonio, were happy to see him come into the world. Jose Vitor Leme was inspired by his father, who was one of Brazil’s first bull riders.

Also, Leme first started riding calves when he was only seven years old. When his parents got divorced, he had to give up the sport, and they later sold their bulls as well. After his parents broke up, he moved in with his mother. Later, the young man got interested in soccer and played it for 11 years, getting to the level where he was almost as good as a pro.

Leme was also learning karate at the same time. But he had always been interested in riding bulls, and he didn’t want to give up on his dream. Also, most exclusive events in Brazil require an invitation, and Jose finally got one when he was 18. It was near his mother’s home in Campo Grande, Rochedo.

In 2021, they rewrote the PBR history books.

In 2017, Leme’s first year on the PBR Brazil tour, he had an amazing average of 82.61%. After winning three events, including the National Finals at the famous Barretos Rodeo, he was named the PBR Brazil Champion and Rookie of the Year. Also, the Brazilian rider won the Triple Crown in PBR Brazil because of how well he did, which also got him into the Pendleton Whisky Velocity Tour Finals.

The well-known athlete had never been outside of Brazil before. Leme was the top international rider to qualify for the PBR World Finals. He went 3-for-4 at the Velocity Tour Finals to finish eighth and earn a spot in the PBR World Finals.

But in 2021, Jose rewrote PBR history. He set or tied five PBR records, including the most round wins in a season (21), the first perfect 50-point rider score, the most 90-point rides in a season (24), the most event wins (tied with 8), and the highest-marked qualified ride of all time (98.75 points). He also won the 2021 PBR World Championship.

Jose Vitor Leme Money and career

In 2018, Leme’s second season, he was in great shape. He won two events in the Premier Series, including his first regular-season championship in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and finished in the top five 11 times. At the second PBR World Finals of his career, the athlete finished the year ranked No. 2, 422.5 points behind world champion Kaique Pacheco.

In the same way, Jose started his Unleash the Beast season in 2019 by winning the 15/15 Bucking Battle in New York City. This came after he won early on the Velocity Tour in Corpus Christi. Also in mid-March, he won his first premier series regular-season race of the year in Duluth, Georgia. Also in April, he became the world No. 1 after coming in first in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

SeasonSeriesEvent NamePointsEarnings
2022TEAMBonus Round$10,000
2021UTBPBR Ariat Music City Knockout Presented By Cooper Tires147$28,686.34
2020UTB2020 PBR World Finals: Unleash The Beast231.50$1,080,500
2019UTB 2019 PBR World Finals663.33$119,333.33

An Enduring Marriage

Having a partner who backs you up, believes in you, and shares your goals makes it much easier to go through hard times. In the same way, the very charming and talented cowboy is married to his wife, Amanda Rodrigues Leme, and they are very happy. The two have been together for a long time and have stayed close through good and bad times.

Jose Vitor Leme Net Worth 2022 Wiki, World Champion

Father of a cute son

Jose is an amazing dad to his son, Theodoro Leme. He was born in February of 2021, and he is very cute. Also, the dad and son look so cute together, and the bull rider often writes about how much he loves and cares for his child on his social media account. Also, he goes with his little boy when he has time between his events and competitions. So, it’s good for Jose Vitor Leme’s son to have him in his life.

Jose Vitor Leme Net Worth 2022 Wiki, World Champion


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