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Julia Roberts Reveals the Secret to a Successful Marriage

Julia Roberts Reveals the Secret to a Successful Marriage

The actress talks about how she and Danny Moder have been together for 20 years. Julia Roberts has what it takes to be married for a long time. In an interview with E! News on October 12, 2022, the actress from Eat Pray Love talked about why she’s been with Danny Moder for 20 years.

She told the newspaper, “I always say the same thing, and I’m not going to change.” “It’s making out. Lots of kissing. “

George Clooney, who was with Julia Roberts during the exclusive interview for their new movie, Ticket to Paradise, spoke up. “I kiss Danny, too,” the star of The Descendants joked. He then agreed with what had been said. He said, “Well, that’s a good one.” “That’s what I’ll say.”

When asked, Clooney joked that he couldn’t give marriage advice because he didn’t get married until he was older. Finally, he said, “I just have to look at it as if I’m the luckiest person in the world and just appreciate that.”

Even without the jokes, both actors have been married for a while, so their advice is worth listening to. The actress from “Notting Hill” got married to Moder in July 2002, and they now have three teenagers together: Henry, Phinneas, and Hazel. The actor from “Ocean’s 11” has been married to Amal Clooney for eight years. They have twins named Alexander and Ella.


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