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Kate Walsh ‘outed’ her engagement

Kate Walsh ‘outed’ her engagement

Accidentally letting go that Kate Walsh had a fiancé was how the information came to light.

The star of “Grey’s Anatomy” revealed during an Instagram Live broadcast on Wednesday that she and Andrew Nixon are now engaged. The news was revealed by mistake.

Walsh made a reference to Nixon in a conversation that she was having with her former co-star on “Private Practice,” Amy Brenneman. She said, “Here comes the jungle cat that is my fiancé.”

Brenneman informed Nixon about Walsh that “She just 100 percent outed your engagement,” and Walsh orally confessed that she did indeed break the beans about Brenneman’s engagement. Brenneman told Nixon about Walsh that “She just 100 percent outed your engagement.” Brenneman informed Nixon of Walsh’s actions by saying, “She just 100 percent outed your engagement.”

It was a rare mistake made by Walsh, who has been very quiet about her connection to the point where she does not even share photographs of Nixon on social media. The incident occurred when Walsh posted a photo of Nixon on her Instagram account.

She was married to Alex Young, who was in the film industry, from the years 2007 through 2010; their marriage lasted those years.


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