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Kelly Ripa confessed she and Mark Consuelos slept at Andy Cohen's house.

Kelly Ripa confessed she and Mark Consuelos slept at Andy Cohen’s house.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos have never been shy about their sexual lives, but Ripa’s latest confession about what they do in the bedroom shows that they are the kind of friends who sneak off for a horizontal tango in your bed. Whose bed is it, anyway? Andy Cohen asked Ripa a lot of questions about all the places she and Consuelos have done the deed on a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live.

He didn’t know that one of the places where the couple danced in the sheets was his house. The talk show host said in a funny way, “Kelly, it’s hard to think of a place where you and Mark haven’t done the deed based on your Instagram PDA alone.” He kept asking her where she and Consuelos may or may not have had sex. One of the places he asked about was a boat. Cohen said, “You used to hang out in the bay in front of my house on your boat.”

Kelly Ripa confessed she

They can be found?” I believed. The boat is moving forward! Cohen then asks, “Have we ever met at my house?” Ripa says, “Yes!” with a lot of enthusiasm. Cohen looked and sounded completely shocked as he asked, “You have?” Ripa says, “Yes, of course!” while trying not to laugh. She makes it clear that the nooky didn’t happen at his regular house, but at his vacation home on Fire Island. Cohen laughed and said, “Wow, okay.” He then said, “That was just a day trip.”

“It was a house for rent!” People said that Ripa would explain her affair. I didn’t think I was hurting anything you had.” Later, Ripa told Cohen that she and Consuelos, to who she has been married since 1996, “never get tired” of having sex. In her new book, Live Wire:

Long-Winded Short Stories, she talks more about her life in bed with her All My Children co-star and now-husband. In her first book, she talks, among other things, about being a mom and getting married. It’s a collection of short stories about her life and the lessons she’s learned along the way. They are honest and funny.


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