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Kendra G Salary WGCi Net Worth 2022, Age, HusbandBoyfriend

Kendra G Salary WGCi Net Worth: 2022, Age, Husband/Boyfriend

Kendra G. Salary 2022

Kendra G is an American radio and TV show host who has been the host of the Chicago Morning Show on 107.5 WGCi. She makes about $0.16 million per year and $21,867 per month.

Kendra G’s wealth in 2022, At the moment, it is thought that Kendra G has a net worth of $2.8 million. She has built up her net worth by being able to do different things in each job she has had. Her job as a public figure is her main source of income. As she gets better at her job, her net worth is likely to go up.

Kendra G Salary WGCi Net Worth 2022, Age, HusbandBoyfriend
YearSalary Per YearSalary Per Month
2022$0.16 million$21,867
2021$0.15 million$21,128
2020$0.13 million$20,969
2019$0.11 million$20,520
2018$0.09 million$20,035
YearNet Worth
2022$2.8 Million
2021$2.5 Million
2020$2.3 Million
2019$1.8 Million
2018$1.5 Million

Kendra G. Bio

Kendra G, whose full name is Kendra Monique Gilliams, is an American radio and TV show host. She has been the host of the Chicago Morning Show on 107.5 WGCi.

She used to be a pop culture expert on E! for Attack of the Celebrity Bikinis, Bigger Badder Celebrity Feuds, and The Worst Thing I Ever Saw,

Over the last 15 years, Kendra G, a radio host, and TV personality has become one of the most well-known people in the country.

She has made a name for herself in the entertainment business. For the second year in a row, “Source Magazine” named her one of the 30 most powerful radio personalities in the country.

She has talked to a lot of famous people, including Grammy winner Will Smith, Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Jamie Foxx, President Barack Obama, and many more! She has been on E!, CNN, FOX, HLN, Showbiz Tonight, BET, VH1, NBC, and other networks.

Kendra G also started the “Abstinence is Cool” movement, which encourages middle school and high school girls to give up sex for the school year. “Abstinence is Kool” was first shown on VH1 in 2008 as part of a news show called “The New Virginity.”

Jamie Foxx, Common, and Akon, among others, have all done PSAs to support the “A.I.K.” movement. In 2011, Kendra G wrote a book called “Abstinence is Kool.” “SEXY & Celibate,” Kendra G’s second book, is being written right now.

Early Years

Kendra G. was born and raised in Waterbury, Connecticut, and went to college in Hampton, Virginia, where she got her degree. She has been working in radio for a long time and has been successful at it. She has worked in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Buffalo, New York, and her home state of Connecticut.

In 2012, she started working as an entertainment reporter for FOX 29’s “Good Day” in Philadelphia. She then moved to Atlanta to co-host the “Ryan Cameron Morning Show” on V-103.

While Kendra was living in Atlanta, she became a regular guest on “CNN Saturday Mornings.” Kendra G recently moved to Los Angeles, California, so she could focus on her growing opportunities on TV with the E! Network, CNN, and HLN.


As of 2022, Kendra G will be 42 years old. Kendra Monique Gilliams was born on May 7, 1980, in Connecticut, United States.

Her zodiac sign is Taurus, and every year on her birthday she gets together with her family and close friends.

Kendra G Age42 years43 years


The public doesn’t know who Kendra G’s boyfriend is or if she has one.


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