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Kylie Jenner wore white briefs at Paris Fashion Week.

Kylie Jenner wore white briefs at Paris Fashion Week.

During Paris Fashion Week, Kylie Jenner wore a pair of white briefs. On Friday, the boss of Kylie Cosmetics was snapped by paparazzi as she walked into the Loewe fashion show in an outfit that turned heads.

Jenner, who is 25 years old, wore a grey trench coat that flowed over a white tank top and underwear that matched. Harper’s Bazaar said that Gucci x Tom Ford made her stiletto boots and that Loewe made her sunglasses.

Jenner put pictures of her outfit on Instagram, where 2.6 million people liked the post. Jenner wrote in the caption, “no pants, no problem.”

Kim and Khloe Kardashian both left comments complimenting Jenner on her outfit. Kim wrote, “Love this look so much,” and Khloe replied, “Talk bad to me.”

On their official Instagram account, Loewe also posted photos of Jenner.

This year, a lot of well-known people went to Paris Fashion Week, which made headlines.

Last week, Bella Hadid went viral when a dress was spray-painted on her body at the Coperni catwalk. Doja Cat went to the Monot fashion show on Saturday. She painted her face white and dark blue.


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