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Lucy Liu lands Red One role

Lucy Liu lands Red One role

The most recent famous person to join the cast of “Red One” is Lucy Liu. The Amazon holiday movie will also star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Chris Evans, and Kiernan Shipka, who are all younger than she.

Jake Kasdan will make the movie. He worked with The Rock on the “Jumanji” movies. Hiram Garcia, who is the President of Production at Seven Bucks, wrote the story on which the movie was based. Amazon won a bidding war and bought the project in the end. “Red One” is likely to come out around Christmas 2023.

The plot is still a secret, but the movie is being billed as an action adventure that takes place all over the world and gives the holiday genre a whole new universe to explore.

Lucy Liu is the latest star to join the cast of ‘Red One.

In the movie “Shazam! Fury of the Gods,” Lucy will play the bad guy, Kalypso. She says that being a part of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) is special because she has always loved the genre but didn’t think it would be possible for her as a Chinese-American actress.

The “Elementary” actress said, “I think it would be a dream to be in a superhero movie because I love comic books and that time period, which was my childhood.”

So, it really is a dream to be a part of something that wasn’t possible at the time, to grow into that space and help them grow into that space for diversity, for women, and for empowerment. It’s not just a collection of quotes; it’s a real thing, and being a part of it is like having a dream come true.

Liu also talked about how she became one of Hollywood’s most well-known Asian-American actresses.

“The question is always, ‘Is it interesting? ‘Is it difficult?’ she inquired. As these things come together, you start to build a structure and foundation that other people can join. This means that we can all be a part of the city, state, or country.


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