Madonna’s latest TikTok video has people talking

Did Madonna just come out? This is the debate that started after she posted a video to her verified TikTok account.

In it, the famous singer is seen holding what looks like pink underwear with the words “If I miss, I’m gay” written on the video.

Then Madonna threw the underwear at a trash can, missed it, and said, “Oh well.”

She posted a video to her verified TikTok account.

The video comes after the singer, who is 64 years old, was seen kissing Dominican rapper and content creator Tokischa, who is 26 years old.

In the music video for “Hung Up on Tokischa,” which is a remix of Madonna’s 2005 single “Hung Up,” the two are also pretty close. Madonna has been seen as a friend of LGBTQ+ people for a long time.

In 1991, Madonna said in an interview with The Advocate, “I think everyone has a bisexual nature.” CNN has asked her people what they think about it.


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