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‘Minecraft’ Legend Dream Reveals His Face At Last

‘Minecraft’ Legend Dream Reveals His Face At Last

Even though I don’t have much to do with the Minecraft community because I’ve never played the game, I know who Dream is.

Minecraft streamers and YouTubers are the kings and queens of their own vast ecosystems and some of the most popular creators on the whole internet. “And Dream” may be the most popular of all. Until tonight, neither his fans nor his friends had ever seen his real face. Instead, they only knew him by his simple smiley face.

To put it mildly, Dream showing his face was a big deal for his community and Minecraft as a whole. The dream has a huge fan base: 5.6 million people follow them on Twitter, 3.1 million people follow them on Instagram, and 30.4 million people subscribe to them on YouTube. For example, Ninja has 23.8 million in Fortnite. There are 4.1 million Dr. Disrespects. There are 47.5 million of them. Dreams are very important.

Clay is 23 years old, and he made this reveal into an event by face-timing many of his gaming friends for the first time. They all posted their reactions to his face, but the audience reveal wasn’t shown until tonight, and 1.2 million people watched on YouTube to see it. In 2022, this is what it means to be famous. And you don’t have to show your face to get there.

There aren’t many big YouTubers who are still totally unknown. Corpse Husband is another gaming character who has never shown his face on purpose, but Dream is by far the most famous person to do this.

The face reveals used to be pretty common on YouTube and Twitch before most streamers went live with little boxes of themselves in the corner. These days, if you’re streaming, you’re probably doing it with your own face, even if it’s not your own name.

One interesting exception to this is the rise of Vtubing, where players control virtual avatars that move like them based on how they move in real life. If you want to go there, it’s a little bit “metaverse.”

Dream said in the reveal video that he decided to do this now because one of his friends is moving to America and he’s tired of being “bunked up.” It definitely gives him more freedom to make more types of content and do things with his friends in real life without having to keep things secret or worry about leaks.

Being hidden for so long with this much buildup must get tiring at some point. I wouldn’t want to be a 23-year-old who finally shows his or her face to 30 million people after years of speculation, even if it turns out that he or she is a perfectly good-looking kid. From here on out, we’ll see what Dream does and how often we’ll see his face as he moves into this new era.


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