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Nearby April Underwood:

Nearby April Underwood:

April Underwood, who used to work for Slack, Twitter, and Google, is closing down her first startup, Nearby. This is only about a year after she launched the e-commerce platform that lets people shop at nearby stores.

On Tuesday, Underwood wrote in a Medium post: “As shutdowns ended, vaccines arrived, and kids went back to school, we went back to many of our old habits that we missed, like shopping in person at our favourite stores.” As we got closer to our second holiday season at Nearby, I took stock of how far we’d come and had to face the fact that what we’re building is no longer needed, and it’s time for us to stop.

In May, Redpoint Ventures, GV, Obvious Ventures, Moxxie Ventures, Sound Ventures, and Cowboy Ventures gave the company $21 million. Tina Sharkey, who helped start Brandless and was its first CEO, also took part in the round.

Local Laboratory was the company’s initial name.When Underwood told Insider about the launch of the company in December, he said it was like “a hyper-local Amazon meets hand-crafted and curated products from the neighbourhood.” During the pandemic, Underwood decided to use her experience as an executive at some of the largest tech companies to start a company for the first time.

She told Insider in the past, “Unfortunately, it’s because of a terrible need, but I think it’s long past time for us to figure out how to serve these merchants so they can really join the digital age.” “They can’t do everything by themselves.”

Nearby was only available in the San Francisco Bay Area and Austin, Texas, but there were plans to make it available all over the country. In the post, Underwood said that the Nearby team would stop taking orders by the end of this week.


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