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Patriots teammates, NFL world cheer James White's retirement

Patriots teammates, NFL world cheer James White’s retirement

The running back, James White, had an amazing eight-year career and won three Super Bowls. When he announced his retirement, he got a lot of praise.

What you make someone feel is more important than what you say to them.

James White is respected by his coaches, teammates, fans, and players all over the NFL. He doesn’t say much, but he can get people to do hard things, like move mountains for the Patriots in Super Bowl LI.

White announced his retirement Thursday morning after eight years in the league, three rings, and one of the greatest Super Bowl performances of all time. Along the way, he was a quiet leader, a family man, and one of the Patriots’ most reliable players. From what I’ve heard, he’s also reliable when he’s not on the field.

Outpourings of praise came after White released his statement. Robert Kraft, the Patriots chairman, and CEO, and Bill Belichick, the team’s coach, each made their own statements. Some of White’s current teammates also spoke about his legacy at Gillette Stadium after the Patriots’ preseason game against the New York Giants that night (as seen in the video above).

But in the comments, mentions, and quote tweets about White’s announcement, current and former Patriots players, NFL opponents, media, and fans seemed to say nice things and wish him well over and over again.

Tom Brady congratulated him on having “the perfect career” on his Instagram story, and many other people have done the same in the comments section of White’s Instagram.


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