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Penelope Cruz Plastic Surgery: Nose Job, Before, After Pics

Penelope Cruz Plastic Surgery: Nose Job, Before, After Pics

Want to know more about nose jobs on famous people? Find out about Penelope Cruz’s nose job by reading on.

What is her name?

Penelope Cruz is a Spanish actress whose real name is Penelope Cruz Sanchez. She has been acting on TV and in movies since she was 16 years old. She was born in Madrid, Spain, to a hairdresser mother and a mechanic father. She spent most of her childhood in a town in Madrid called Alcobendas.

At first, she trained to be a dancer and spent many years learning ballet. But when she was 15, she got her big break in acting (she won a role for starring in a music video). Since that first video, she has been in a lot of movies, like:

  • Open your eyes. 
  • The Girl of Your Dreams

She is well-known all over the world because of her roles in these and many other movies. She has won many awards for her work both in Spain and the U.S. Because she is so beautiful, she has done a lot of modeling for fashion companies and given a lot of time and money to charity work.

Did Penelope Cruz have work done on her nose?

It could be true that Penelope Cruz had a nose job, or it could just be a rumor. Even though her nose looks like the result of one of the many celebrity nose jobs that are done every year—perfectly thin at the bridge and small and pointy at the end—it may have been given to her by Mother Nature and not by a rhinoplasty. But as of right now, there isn’t any proof that can prove a nose job.

Nose jobs on celebrities: The Penelope Cruz Nose Job

As was already said, the story about Penelope Cruz getting a nose job could be true or it could just be a rumor. If she had a nose job, it would have had to be before she became an actress (but the chances of this happening are very slim since she started acting at the age of 15, and rhinoplasty is not done on teenagers).

Her nose looks like it came from her perfect genes and not from plastic surgery, according to the evidence. Even though it might never be proven and rumors will keep going around, I think the Penelope Cruz nose job is not true, unlike many other celebrity nose jobs.


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