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Rebecca Gayheart's Daughter Billie, 12, Looks Grown Up on Red Carpet

Rebecca Gayheart’s Daughter Billie, 12, Looks Grown Up on Red Carpet

The mother and daughter went out Saturday night in Brentwood, California, for the 2022 Chrysalis Butterfly Ball. Rebecca Gayheart had a special weekend night with her mother and daughter.

The actress went to the 2022 Chrysalis Butterfly Ball in Brentwood, California, on Saturday. Her daughter, Billie, who is 12 years old, made a rare appearance with her mother.

On the red carpet, the two posed together. They were both dressed in black for the night out. Billie looked very grown up in a short black-and-white polka-dot dress with heels. Gayheart wore a jumpsuit made of velvet with one shoulder and a pair of black sandal heels.

Gayheart, who has a 10-year-old daughter with her ex-husband, Eric Dane, was a co-chair for the event. The actress filed for divorce from Dane in 2018 because they couldn’t get along. Last month, she posted a series of photos on Instagram from their trip to France with their daughters and Dane.

“This is us,” she wrote alongside a photo of Dane, 49, posing in the street while Billie walked behind him looking chic.

Gayheart, who is 51 years old, put a picture of Billie and her dad next to each other on her Instagram Story and called them “twins.” In another shot, Georgia was wearing a New York sweatshirt and a plaid skirt as she walked through an alley. Along with the picture, Gayheart put a sticker that said “my baby.”

After that, the family had pizza with other friends and spent time at the beach, where Gayheart said Billie was “living her best life.” Gayheart talked to PEOPLE in 2019 at the Hollywood premiere of Once Upon a Time… about her relationship with Dane and how they raised their daughters together.

“As you know, life has changed for me and my family. And it took us a while to figure that out, “she said. “I’m not going to lie, it hasn’t been easy. But I think what’s exciting is what’s to come because there are so many different things that could happen now. We have a lot of choices, and the good news is that my kids are happy and healthy.

“My ex, Eric, and I are friends, and even though we’re not married, we do our best to raise our kids and keep our family together. “We’re still married legally, but we’re living apart,” she said at the time. “And I think we’re doing it pretty well. Life is just good. So many interesting things are going on.


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