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Social 100m series altimeter capital 58m

Social 100m series altimeter capital 58m

The round, which was led by a new investor called Altimeter Capital, will help H1 speed up its growth and increase its network effect as more healthcare providers join its global platform.

H1, which runs the largest global healthcare network that connects healthcare professionals, said today that it has raised $100 million in a Series C round of funding led by Altimeter Capital and joined by new investors Goldman Sachs Asset Management and Flex Capital. Existing investors such as IVP, Menlo Ventures, Transformation Capital, Lux Capital, and LeadEdge also took part. With the money, H1 can move quickly into its next phase by investing in expanding its data and network, making new products, and hiring more people. The goal is to make H1 the main global healthcare network for all medical professionals and organisations around the world.

H1 has built the best healthcare data network for healthcare providers (HCPs). It searches scholarly data and medical claims data to find the most relevant researchers or clinicians based on any criteria. The company’s platform helps life sciences companies, hospitals, academic medical centres, and health systems connect with providers, find clinical research, find industry experts, and benchmark their organisations.

Most recently, H1’s focus on letting doctors improve their own profiles has made the proprietary data even more in-depth and valuable. Seven of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in the world and several of the best academic medical centres (Columbia, UPenn, and others) are now H1B customers. Since the beginning of 2021, the company’s annual recurring revenue (ARR) has grown by more than 250% as the demand for health data grew and the network effect took hold.

Pauline Yang, Partner at Altimeter Capital, said, “H1 has collected a treasure trove of data to help healthcare organisations make better, more informed, and actionable decisions.” “This is data that we believe has become a must-have in today’s fast-changing healthcare environment.” “We’re excited to back such an innovative company that’s helping to fill a big and urgent market need.”

Ariel Katz, co-founder and CEO of H1, said, “We’ve made a flywheel that spins faster the more HCPs and industry partners use our platform and network.” No other company can match the amount and quality of global healthcare data that H1 has, so no one can match the insights we find. During the next stage of our growth, we will help healthcare organisations use our network to make better decisions.

H1 solutions include:

  • Explorer, the most comprehensive platform of HCPs ever assembled. HCPs can claim and update their profiles to use as their digital CV, connect with industry influencers, and access research, speaking, and clinical trial opportunities.
  • HCP Universe is the single source of truth about medical professionals globally. It enables healthcare organizations to identify and engage healthcare providers, from advisory board members to treatment specialists, digital opinion leaders, and more.
  • Trial Landscape is a robust global platform to understand principal investigator profiles and clinical trial sites for access expansion to therapeutic options for patients. Trial Landscape also helps healthcare organizations comply with new FDA guidelines related to physician and patient diversity in clinical trials.
  • Carevoyance, is the best targeting, sales enablement, and physician segmentation platform for medical device sellers.

Katz said, “Data has become the fuel for everything in healthcare, from clinical research to diagnostics to clinical care.” “H1 wants to be the world’s only true source of that information.”

Around H1

H1 has the largest global healthcare network, which helps life sciences companies, hospitals, academic medical centres, and health systems connect with providers, find clinical research, find industry experts, and benchmark their organizations. H1 is a trusted source of information about healthcare professionals and institutions. Through real-time data and clinical findings, it connects the whole healthcare ecosystem.


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