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Takes aim intel chips biggest tech

Takes aim intel chips biggest tech

The new designs are made with AI tasks in mind and have more security features. Ian King (Bloomberg): Arm Ltd. showed off the biggest update to its technology in almost ten years. The new designs are aimed at markets that are currently dominated by Intel Corp., which makes chips.

The Cambridge, U.K.-based company is adding features to help chips handle machine learning, a powerful type of artificial intelligence software. With more security features, data and computer code will be locked down even more.

Arm, which is being bought by Nvidia Corp., said that the new plans should also boost performance by 30% over the next two generations of processors for mobile devices and data center servers.

Arm said that the changes are needed to help computing grow beyond phones, PCs, and servers. By adding more chips and AI-powered software and services, thousands of devices and appliances are getting connected to the internet and getting new features. The company wants its technology to be as common here as it is in the smartphone industry.

The CEO of Arm, Simon Segars, said, “As we look to a future that will be shaped by AI, we must build a foundation of cutting-edge computing that will be ready to meet the unique challenges that will come.”

Companies like Apple Inc., Samsung Electronics Co., and Qualcomm Inc. buy licenses to use an instruction set, which is the code that controls semiconductors. Arm’s technology is used in almost every smartphone and is gaining ground in other markets, like personal computers and servers.

Intel is the market leader for both PC processors and server processors. But this hold is weakening as customers like Inc. use Arm technology more and more to design their own chips. With the release of its new Armv9 architecture, Arm is trying to solidify its current position and give customers tools to compete better with Intel.

The arm is being sold to Nvidia by SoftBank Group Corp. for $40 billion. The deal is waiting for approval from the government. Bloomberg says that some Arm customers are upset about the deal.


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