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Watch Kim Kardashian Get Brutally Booed At the Rams Game

Watch Kim Kardashian Get Brutally Booed At the Rams Game

The Los Angeles Rams game on Sunday was a wake-up call for Kim Kardashian.

When the “Kardashian” star was shown on the Jumbotron, the fans at SoFi Stadium booed loudly. In a clip that Natasha Dye, a sports writer for People, shared, what at first sounded like cheers turned into mean insults.

The fans of the defending Super Bowl champion Rams might have been a little cranky already, as their team was about to lose to the Dallas Cowboys 22-10 and drop to 1-3. Sunday’s Rams game is a big deal because Kim Kardashian is there.

Kim Kardashian was just booed at SoFi Stadium during

Even though Kardashian is still very popular, she can make people feel divided. (And her ex-Kanye West’s recent cruel actions may not have helped.)

Still, being famous has its perks, like when Kardashian’s son Saint and a friend got to see the Super Bowl trophy that the Rams won. The Saint and a friend look at the Vince Lombardi Trophy that the Rams won when they won the Super Bowl. (Photo: Instagram)

In a clip she put on her Instagram story, Kardashian said, “You guys are so cool.” “They just wanted to show you this. How unique.


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