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What we do in the shadows reddit:

What we do in the shadows reddit:

What We Do In The Shadows doesn’t cause that much trouble most of the time. But because art is personal, not everyone will agree with the most common opinion.

The What We Do In The Shadows series on FX is almost as popular as the movie by the same name by Taika Waititi. Fans seem to love the TV show, even though the story and characters are different from the movie.

But art is subjective, so not everyone will like the series the same way. On Reddit, some people have shared their thoughts about the show. Even if not many people agree with these ideas, they should still be talked about.

The show isn’t very good.

Some people like the show, but it might not be as great as most people say it is. “Everyone acts like it’s the best vampire comedy ever, but it’s not,” says Reddit user OuterRim777. They also say that most of the humor is just old vampire jokes that have been told before.

Even though not everyone will like the show, IMDb gives it an 8.5 out of 10 ratings, so the idea that it’s a bad show is not a common one. Also, this series isn’t really held up as the best show ever, so saying it’s completely overrated seems a bit unfair.

It wasn’t a good season.

This person on Reddit says that season 3 was a big step down. They say, “Everything has changed, the characters are different, and it looks like the show is going to be ruined.”

Radio Times says that season 3 may not be the best season for some viewers, but most people liked it, and interest in the now-confirmed fourth season has grown. Even though some things have changed, that doesn’t mean they have gotten worse. People love season 3 for many reasons, one of which is that a fan-favorite side character, The Guide, gets a bigger role.

The show should have stayed in New Zealand.

A Reddit user named EmergenceyChimp says that the idea of the show is less interesting because it moved from New Zealand, where the original movie was shot. People say that the show isn’t as good as the movie because it “moved from New Zealand to the United States, where much of it just fell flat.”

It doesn’t look like people agree on this. Even though the setting in New Zealand was a big part of what made the movie what it was, the movie probably had to do with what was needed for filming. It also makes it possible for a great new group of people to come. Also, since the show is in a new place, it can have its own style. If they had stayed in the same place, it might have been like watching the same movie over and over again.

Nadja is the best person in the book.

Reddit user YellowUnderbelly said, “Natassia Demetriou as Nadja is without a doubt the best thing about this show. From where I’m standing, she’s the star of the show.” Since she is the main character, it makes sense that people like the Greek-Romani Vampire.

Most viewers like Nadja, but most people on Reddit think that the best parts of the show are her English noble-vampire husband Laszlo, and his actor, Matt Berry. They don’t think anyone else comes close. But Nadja is still a very interesting person. She has some of the funniest lines in the show, and Demetriou gives the part her all, which works very well.

“Witches” is not a good episode.

Some people didn’t like the ninth episode of the second season. On Reddit, bob lolblaw 0211 said, “It feels a little bit like a waste of the witch idea, and the side-plot of Colin, Nadja, and Guillermo being stuck in the weird room full of doors just felt like a way to kill time until the final act.”

People want it to be done well because they like the idea of witches in the show’s world. This was an unpopular opinion, and other Redditors didn’t agree with it. They said it was funny and that people shouldn’t forget about it. People don’t think the episode is bad because there are some funny parts and Guillermo says some great things.

The show needs Taika Waititi to play the role he does.

A Reddit user named Ethlandiaify thinks that the series is missing a key character: Viago. Someone said, “It doesn’t have a character to stand in for Taika Waititi.” “The movie was much better because of how nice and kind the vampire was.”

Since he brought the whole franchise to life, it’s easy to miss Waititi’s charms in the show, but it’s also easy to see why he isn’t in it. Waititi’s New Zealand je ne sais quoi might not be for everyone because it takes place on Staten Island and the story has changed. Also, most people who watch the show seem happy with the cast as it is now.

The movie is a big improvement.

Fans of the show like the movie, but they don’t all agree on which one is better. VirulentViper says, “I still like the movie better, but the movie is the movie.” “I’d love to see the movie and show characters meet up at some point.”

Even though it’s clear that the movie is good, the show has so much more to offer and so many funny jokes and characters. Most of the time, saying that the original was better feels more like an opinion than a criticism. And the show adds to the world of the What We Do In The Shadows movies, which can only be a good thing.

“City Council” is the worst one.

Most of the time, the first episodes of a show aren’t the best because the writers need time to figure out how the show works. Reddit user bob lolblaw 0211 says the second episode of the whole show, “City Council,” is a good example of this. They say that the episode “never really comes together, and its ending is also very dark for this show.”

Fans of What We Do In The Shadows might not think this was the best episode, but they also wouldn’t say it was the worst. Some parts of the episode are funny, like when Lazlo and the raccoons do something. People just react differently to different episodes, which is fine.


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