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Why Brad Pitt and Emily Ratajkowski Aren't Dating

Why Brad Pitt and Emily Ratajkowski Aren’t Dating

You may have heard that Brad Pitt and Emily Ratajkowski have been hanging out recently, but they aren’t “officially” dating. People say that they “spend a lot of time together,” but their friends aren’t sure if this is a serious relationship. And if their friends aren’t sure, then no one is.

except Page Six. They seem to be fairly sure. Page Six says that this is all so interesting because both of them are going through the end of their marriages in public.

Pitt is no longer with Angelina Jolie, but he is still trying to get out of legal trouble with her. The latest is a lawsuit and countersuit over the property they used to own together, Chateau Miraval. Ratajkowski officially asked her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, for divorce on September 8, according to Page Six. It’s just smart to do so.

Ever devoted to research, I typed “dating while getting divorced: good idea?” into Google. And what they found was that many family law offices in the area strongly told them not to do it. It sounds like there are a lot of things that could go wrong with the divorce, especially since you both have kids.

But what should Brad Pitt do? Even though he was legally single years ago, he has been trying to get away from the mother of his children legally for about six years now. He is not getting any younger, even with his new skincare line.

In this case, it’s possible that the stars are just like us: They know that dating while getting a divorce can be dangerous, but they’re still human, so at least they try to do it quietly. The other choice looks a lot worse. No one wants a situation like Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and Pete Davidson.

A source told Page Six that they are keeping things casual, going on dates but not dating and that the reason has nothing to do with legal issues and everything to do with personal ones. A source for Page Six said, “Brad has been dating quietly for the past few years.” “He worries that if he has a serious girlfriend, Jolie will say bad things about him to their kids even more than she already has.”

All of this is fine if a little bit rude, but all of the back and forth probably means that this promise to not make a promise is all we’ll get for a while. Remember the Alia Shawkat panic of 2020, when everyone wanted to know if they were dating or just friends? That went on for ages.


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