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Zooey Deschanel on new app, resurgence of "New Girl"

Zooey Deschanel on a new app, the resurgence of “New Girl”

Zooey Deschanel, an actress, and singer, really did “eat for two” when she was pregnant.

“I tried to eat really healthy because being pregnant made me feel like I had a lot of responsibilities. I thought, “Oh my god, this food is like going to the bathroom.” I’m like, “What am I going to do?” So, I tried to eat healthy food. “I looked into everything I ate, but it was hard to find information,” Deschanel said on “CBS Mornings.”

During this time, she learned that it was hard to find and expensive to buy healthy food. This made her want to start a business in 2019 called “Lettuce Grow” which helps people grow indoor gardens with hydroponic systems.

Deschanel said that after making Lettuce Grow, she thought she could take it a step further and help with other parts of healthy eating. So, she made the app Merryfield, which aims to make healthier food cheaper for everyone, no matter how rich or poor they are.

Deschanel said that Merryfield has been “an amazing experience” because so many people have told them, “This is the difference between me being able to afford healthy food for my kids and family or not being able to afford it.”

People scan their grocery store receipts through Merryfield after they go shopping. Then, when they buy something from one of Merryfield’s dozens of partner brands, which the company has checked out and found to be better for you, they get a reward.

Everyone can use the Merryfield app for free, and shoppers get rewards for doing so. She said, “You have a week to scan the receipt, and then it does all the work for you and gives you points.” “I love making healthy eating into a game. It just makes it more fun and makes it easier for people to understand. “

Deschanel’s new job in health is very different from her successful acting career. She is known for playing Jess on the TV show “New Girl.” The show stopped airing in 2018, but when it was put on streaming services like Netflix, it found a new audience, which Deschanel thought was great.

“It’s been so great that a lot of people think it’s still on the air, but I have to tell them that we stopped filming it five years ago. It has made a comeback, and it’s good to see that it has a long life, “she said.


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